Brand Story

Many years ago, as a small group of design enthusiasts began to explore the world of home decor, they saw a problem: traditional mats and rugs that were difficult to clean and often ended up in landfills, and the amount of waste generated by the industry was staggering. In particular, over 4 billion pounds of carpet and rug waste was added to US landfills each year. They knew there had to be a better way, and that's when they had an idea: washable and long-lasting mats and rugs that could be used in every room of the home. They spent years researching and experimenting with different materials and designs, always with the goal of creating products that were sustainable, stylish, and functional. Finally, in 2014, they launched MontVoo - a brand that would change the way people thought about mats and rugs.

MontVoo's mats and rugs were an instant hit. People loved the range of materials and styles, and they appreciated the fact that they could be washed and used again and again, without worrying about waste. As the brand grew, the team remained committed to their core values of sustainability, innovation, and sophistication.

Today, MontVoo is a leader in the home decor industry, known for its stylish and long-lasting mats and rugs that add beauty and functionality to every space. The brand is still guided by the same vision that inspired its founders in 2014 - to add warmth to every home and create a more sustainable future, one rug and mat at a time.